Tantra of the Heart

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The heart is the centre of affection, love and emotions in general. This concept is so deeply rooted in nearly all cultures and societies that it needs no further demonstration.

the heart is the centre of affection

People from all places and times have naturally turned to their heart when dealing with feelings. Unlike the mind, that can play many tricks on us, the heart cannot lie. So we just have to tune in with it and it will show us the way.

The workshop Tantra of the Heart helps us find this connection.

Tantra, the way of the heart

As we mentioned in the article What is Tantra?, at Samma Karuna we regard Tantra as the way of the heart. Among the various derivatives of Tantra that have sprung up, here, we practise Tantra of the Hearth.

This is in line with the common thread of our teaching, which focuses on Anahata chakra, the heart chakra. We believe in the power of the heart, emotions and presence over the control of the mind.

Living in love and celebrating the gift of life we were given is for us the best way to be grateful to existence.

open your heart chakra to love

Tantra is made of different components, such as presence, awareness, emotions, sexual energy. We can relate the masculine archetype (Shiva) more with presence, while the feminine energy (Shakti) is more connected to emotions.

Generally speaking, Tantra is considered to worship the feminine side, as opposed to will-power and determination, a typical yogic path that nonetheless can also lead to liberation.

tantra is a path of liberation

More in particular, Tantra of the Heart privileges the emotional side. Being aware of your emotions, observing, accepting, embracing them is all part of our personal growth process.

We become responsible for our feelings instead of blaming others. Eventually, no one has the power to “make us feel” something, it’s up to us.

No matter how hard, dropping the temptation to blame it onto others and taking responsibility is a big step towards emotional maturity. And liberation. Just allow yourself to feel whatever it is there, there’s nothing good or wrong, it just is.

What will you learn in this workshop?

This 3-day workshop is aimed at those who are just beginning their journey into Tantra. Shortly, it is an introduction to Tantra principles and how to integrate them in our daily life.

integrate tantra in your life

This workshop is 20% theory and 80% practice, which will give you ample space to experiment with emotions and boundaries.

Understanding the theory

The facilitator will introduce the basic concepts of Tantra, such as polarities and archetypal energies, staying in presence, cultivating self-love, developing emotional awareness, setting boundaries, handling your sexual energy.

Getting rid of our defence mechanisms and removing this armour that we are used to wearing in society will help us go straight to the essence of our heart. As a result, the quality of your life and intimate relationships will be greatly enhanced.

honour your boundaries

Soon you will discover that being vulnerable does not mean to be “weak”. On the contrary, it’s a way to tap into our true essence and connect to our heart without any “mask”. It’s a way to freedom.

Exploring the practical exercises

Some exercises will involve the whole group at once, such as healing and sharing circles, free movement and dancing, shaking. Music is often part of the exercises as well as moments of silence and introspection.

During the 3-day Tantra intensive, different techniques will be used that can help heal relationships or improve the quality of your intimacy. You will learn the basic techniques and meditations to connect to your heart and your partner’s.


Different meditation techniques can be used for this purpose, such as Atisha’s heart meditation, a beautiful method to use the alchemic power of your heart to transform suffering into joy.

Once you connect with your heart, you will practise exercises in pairs to extend the “heart bubble” to your partner. For example, some techniques can include looking into each other’s eyes, hugging, conscious touch, understanding and enforcing boundaries, etc.

explore conscious touch

The facilitator can also include some methods that help remove blockages and open up. Sacred ceremonies and sensual rituals, energy work, ecstatic presence, self-exploration, are some of the activities that you will be practising.

All activities are heart-centred, consensual, deeply honouring each and everyone’s boundaries, clothed and promoting a conscious approach to intimacy. No sex or nudity will ever occur during the workshop. We are committed to keeping this space safe for everyone.


Tantra is a magic way to experience life and relationships. With Tantra of the Heart, you can find a deep connection with your heart, and your partner’s.

You will learn how to take responsibility for your emotions and embrace them whatever they might be. It’s about surrendering to the truth of the heart and dropping all expectations and mind games.

cultivate emotional awareness

Tantra of the Heart is a beautiful way to step into the world of Tantra, exploring intimacy, relationships, emotions and sexuality from a conscious perspective. It is a great tool for couples and for everyone who’s embarked on a self-growth journey.

Though this workshop is particularly indicated for beginners, even experienced Tantra practitioners will enjoy the deeply experiential approach. The facilitator has many years of experience in leading Tantra workshops and will create a nourishing and safe space. 

improve your relationships

Integrating a little theory and exercises you will gradually enter the blissful world of Tantra. This workshop will help you make your interactions more authentic and meaningful. All genders and sexual orientations are welcome.

Check the calendar below and join the next Tantra of the Heart workshop!


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