What you must know before enrolling for Tantra Teacher Training?


It is important for you to know that there are some criteria that must be met before you enroll for Tantra Teacher Training. This is because tantra is a sacred tradition whose tenets, philosophy and traditions must be strictly adhered to. Before you enroll for the training, it is very crucial to ask yourself some pertinent questions. Chief among these questions is to analyze yourself and see if you are really ready to enroll for Tantra Training. The training requires discipline, dedication, and focus. If you know you cannot devote these, then it is better to hold on and get ready before you decide to embark on the training.

Below are some of the important criteria that must be met before you graduate from the Tantra Teacher Training. You need to remember that this training is serious business and you must take it as such.

Criteria to be met when enrolling for Tantra Teacher Training

Full Attendance

It is extremely important that you are fully present for all sessions of the training in order to learn and participate in all the outlined activities. Except on the level of emergency, all students need to be in attendance at all times. If you have any health challenge or you know of any future occurrence that will not allow you to be fully involved in the Tantra Teacher Training, it is advisable that you differ your training until the time you will be fully available to go through the training.

Practicum Workshop Training

Another important criterion is the successful completion of assignments and practicum teaching. In the course of your training, you will be required to demonstrate your ability to teach using the methodology that you have been taught during the training. You will also be examined on your level of absorption of the theoretical materials that you have been exposed to during your training.


Students of Tantra Teacher Training will be required to sit for a final examination which will determine the graduation of the students. The examinations cover theory specific and teachings of Tantra. It is important that students pass the examination because until then, they would not be able to graduate from the training.

Looking at these criteria, it is quite clear that only serious minded individuals can enroll for the Tantra Teacher Training. When making up your mind about enrolling, be sure that you have what it takes to be a Tantra instructor.

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