Rajani Santosh, born in Venezuela. Due to the social crisis of violence in her country, at age 26 she was kidnapped and sexually abused by unknown armed men.
This traumatic event prompted her to enter into a deep search for the meaning of life and the relationship between sexual energy and violence.
She leaves her profession as an air traffic controller and travels to India, where she, through Tantra, starts to make sense of everything she had lived. 

Created the Tantra Ahora Method, based on her own experience and what she learned from her masters, which enables to apply the millennial wisdom of Tantra in the Now.
It integrates various techniques that empower each other by helping people unlock, release and transform the sexual energy and fear into Love, Consciousness and Creator Power.

Since 2003, she has been sharing her experience through conferences, retreats, and trainings as a contribution to the expansion of human consciousness. Founder of the Tantra Ahora project, a school for Freedom of the Self.