All you need to know about Juice Cleansing Program in Thailand

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If you are looking for a powerful and very effective Detox program, the Juice Cleansing Program in Thailand is the right choice for you. The tropical warm weather and the beaches of Thailand is the ideal location to get rid of all baggage that is not allowing you have a fulfilling life. It is the perfect place to expel all pent-up toxins from your body system. The Juice Detox in Thailand program at Samma Karuna is based on a combination of cutting-edge science and creative experience. The menu for the cleansing juices as well as the nourishing soups has been carefully developed to provide all the benefits that come with the Detox program.

Details of the Juice Cleansing Program in Thailand

To facilitate your Detox process and enhance the outcome of the program, we will help to design the perfect juice cleansing menu and the duration based on your need. This will be integrated into the wider Detox program, bearing your goals in mind. On each day of your Detox, you will be given selected juices, soup, and vegetables from the menu and your progress will be closely monitored. As part of the Juice Detox in Thailand program, we also offer extra Detox accelerators such as super herbs, clay, and charcoal which help to further improve the release of free radicals and toxins from the body.

Typical Juice Menu Plan

As mentioned, each of the juice menu plan used for the Juice Cleansing Program in Thailand at Samma Karuna are customized based on the need and goals of the individual. We understand that the needs of individuals differ when it comes to the detox program and we ensure that we take all these into consideration before developing a plan for an individual. However, to help you understand what to expect when you sign up for our Juices & Smoothies Cleansing Program in Thailand, we have shared a typical juice menu plan below.

  • Breakfast Juice: This will include green juices, turmeric shots, and wellness shots
  • Mid-Morning: Contains plant-based protein shake. This is basically for individuals who are also engaging in a fitness program
  • Lunch: This will include a wide variety of raw soup, hot soup broth, a wellness shot, and juice
  • Late Afternoon: Contains protein shake, specifically for individuals engaging in a fitness program
  • Dinner: This includes raw soup, soup broth, a wellness shot, and juice.

It is important to mention that all the ingredients for the juices have been carefully selected to sustain the liver through the phase of the detoxification process and to also support the elimination process.

Juice Cleansing Program in Thailand at Samma Karuna

Choosing Samma Karuna for your Juice Cleansing Program in Thailand is a great choice. The centre offers you a custom-made plan that will help you achieve your detoxification goals. Samma Karuna is an International School of Awakening and Healing, and Yoga Retreat Centre in Thailand. Apart from the detox program, Samma Karuna also offers Awakening & Healing, and Yoga Teacher training.


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