The Best Healing Centre In Thailand in 2023

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If you think it’s time for you to embark on a spiritual journey and you are looking for the best healing centre in Thailand, then keep on reading.

Whether you are feeling unsatisfied with your current lifestyle, you are going through a hard time or you are simply looking for a way to come back to yourself and cultivate self-awareness, then it’s time to start a healing and awakening process.

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and learn some techniques you can apply to your daily life to rediscover the joy of living. Ultimately, we are responsible for our own happiness, not others, not some external situation.

come back to yourself

What’s an awakening and healing centre?

As a result of our education, repetitive negative patterns, painful experiences and traumas we have had, we might still have open wounds in our unconscious – or even conscious – mind and body that affect the perception of ourselves and the world around us.

These wounds need to heal so we can awaken the powerful creative energy we all have within, our life force. This is when the magic happens.

An awakening and healing centre helps you reach that blissful state thanks to methods, activities and meditations that have been used for centuries and have just been sharpened and adapted to our western minds.

It is a safe space where you can let go of your fears, blockages and defence mechanisms that prevent you from flourish and express your full potential. It is a place where you can feel understood and not judged. It is your guide on your path to self-realisation.

Unleash your potential

Samma Karuna’s healing approach

Samma Karuna is an Anahata (the heart chakra) school, which means we focus on love and kindness to provide a gentle, non-dogmatic approach to healing.

We believe we all have the capacity to heal ourselves that just awaits being awaken. Through the activities we provide in our program you gradually rediscover this inner healing ability and learn how to remove blockages. Eventually, you understand how to live in a deep connection with your needs and your feelings.

We will not tell you what to do, as we all have our own path to follow. We are not gurus, nor psychologists. We will show you many doors for you to open, each one containing a different method brought to you from our experienced teachers, based on well-proven techniques.

You can try them and see for yourself which one is best for you. Although we cannot make the change for you, we can provide you with the tools and the guidance you need on your path to healing and self-development.

We will always do that from our heart, in a loving and compassionate way; this is how we do things at Samma Karuna. This is why it is the best healing centre in Thailand!

Love is the answer!

The best healing centre you can get

We put together the best teachers, the most effective techniques and a stunning location to bring you a truly healing experience.

Our healing centre is open 363 days a year, offering activities and workshops from 7 am to 7 pm (and even longer on some days!). We provide a wide range of spiritual activities and healing techniques and we feature some exclusive meditations, specifically designed for Samma Karuna.

Our multidisciplinary teachers’ team trained for many years to build solid expertise and we often integrate guest teachers who bring new energy into the group.

Teachers have to go through a selection process before they can facilitate their activities at Samma Karuna. We are aware that our students might go through a delicate personal process in which many emotions can come up. We respect that by providing a safe environment and teachers who can hold space in any situation.

We have comfortable and private accommodation options inside our all-in-one campus, so you can relax and find quietness. Our vegetarian restaurant offers healthy food and detox programs designed by an expert nutritionist.

Healthy food for a healthy life

Our Awakening and Healing program

We crafted a unique 4-week Awakening and Healing program that addresses all aspects of your general well-being, for a 360-degree, holistic approach.

Our activities include yoga, sitting and active meditations, tantra, dancing, breathwork, detox and healthy food programs and much more. We believe our program is the most complete you can find. Thousands of happy students believe that too!

Each of these 4 weeks has a leitmotiv: grounding, catharsis, balance, celebration. The activities of each week reflect the main theme. You can drop in at any point of the program and continue for 4 weeks.


In our program you will deepen your practice of yoga, trying different styles, from gentle yin to powerful vinyasa classes, alignment tips, tantra-yoga and much more.

Training your body and calming your mind is a preparatory work for an intense healing process. That’s why we offer two yoga classes a day. A stunning sea view cannot but favour a healing process!

stretch your body!


The awakening and healing program also includes daily meditations ranging from sitting, silent ones (mainly, Vipassana), to active and social meditations (such as Osho meditations).

Each one of those will show you a different way to quieten the mind, letting go of your control obsessions, work on acceptance and turn sufferance into joy.

Calm the mind


We include tantra and BioDevelopment classes as a way to connect to yourself and others by celebrating life and the perfection of this moment.

BioDevelopment is an amazing technique based on BioDanza that combines music, movement, interactions and emotions to help remove blockages, heal past traumas and connect more deeply to yourself and others.

Connect to yourself and others


Our expert teachers will guide you through intense breathwork sessions that have helped thousands of people releasing stagnant emotions that remain blocked in our subconscious mind.

Activities such as Breath of Love, Sudarshan Kriya, Rebirthing can be highly healing. Most people will feel light and liberated after the class as if they were able to remove a weight from their chest.

Breathe it all out

Special meditations

Every week we host one special meditation specifically designed for Samma Karuna, which represents an important healing moment in the path of self-development.

These include our flagship activity, the exclusive Samma Karuna’s Aum meditation, a 15-stage journey into our emotions to explore the patterns in which our mind operates and learn how to consciously interact with others.

Explore your unconscious mind

Healthy food

‘You are what you eat’, said ancient philosophers. We believe a healing process starts by taking care of yourself, that’s why we host a healthy restaurant in Samma Karuna.

Our beloved Chica prepares all her meals with love, combining the ingredients in a balanced and creative way, following the directions of our on-site nutritionist. Make sure you also check out our detox program and let food be your medicine.

detox your body and mind


On top of that, we organise weekly kirtans, cinema, community dinners. We also host special events, workshops, and teacher training courses. Check our workshops’ calendar and find the one the suits you.

You can join our Awakening and Healing program at any time and once you have completed the 4 weeks you will have FREE lifetime access to the program. This means you can repeat it for free as many times as you like. This is our gift to you!

Check out the current schedule to have an idea of how the program is structured (some activities may change over time, but our core activities will always be present).

set yourself free

We put all our love and best intentions in what we do. We are committed to helping people live a more fulfilling, happier life and, as a result, contributing to creating a more compassionate and caring world.

This is our mission at Samma Karuna and we promise to stick to it so we can continue being the best healing centre in Thailand.


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