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How to become a Certified Tantra Teacher?

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Are you interested in becoming a certified Tantra teacher? Do you have a passion for advancing the art and science of Tantra? Are you motivated to discover the incandesce spirit of Tantra for better and loving world? If you answer ‘yes’ to all these questions, then it is time to embark on the spiritual journey to become a certified tantra teacher. The art of coaching or teaching Tantra includes transforming, sharing, facilitating, learning, honoring, and supporting others in their journey in life.

Becoming a certified tantra teacher requires that you go through a comprehensive empowerment training that will equip you with the tenets, traditions, and the practice of tantra teaching. First, you must understand that there are many self-acclaimed tantra teachers out there who do not have an inkling of what the real traditions of the practice is all about. Therefore, you need to locate a qualified training center, like Samma Karuna, to help you in the journey to becoming a certified Tantra Teacher.

Before you can become a true and certified tantra teacher, you must be committed to personal and community growth on a daily basis. A tantra teacher is not selfish; you must be ready to put your students’ feelings and needs first before your own. You must also be courageous and be open to different experiences and interest. Being a tantra teacher is a spiritual task and you must be up to the task of diving into the world of new frontiers and mystery. Your creativity must lead you to new discoveries and you must be open to share with your students. You have to see sexual spirituality as sacred and as harmony with the divine and accept love as the basis of sexuality.

The aforementioned attributes will prepare you for being a true tantra practitioner and will also drive you to become the best-certified tantra teacher in your circle. At Samma Karuna, we offer our students with tantra training that is tailored towards their personal needs and interest. It is more about making a remarkable difference in your world and we equip you with what you need to achieve this. Our programs are designed to effectively help you to help others to transform their lives. It is about expanding your individual power and inducting you into the world where you become a powerful but certified tantra teacher.

At Samma Karuna, we provide extensive teacher training sessions that lead to the award of a certificate. At the end of your tantra training, you will become a certified tantra teacher. When you enroll at our classes, we will take you through the transformational alchemy of the heart/sex/ spirit. Our training is not just about theories; we go through intense practice of experimentation to immerse you into the practice and tradition of Tantra. We provide our students with advanced methods that aid pragmatic sexual spiritual learning as well as the secrets to releasing sexual spiritual endorphins that engender a loving relationship. Our classes are customized to meet the needs of our individual students.

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