How to become a certified Tantra Teacher in 2024

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In recent years Tantra has become increasingly popular in spiritual communities and, broadly speaking, in conscious lifestyle circles.

This is why so many people are searching for courses teaching how to become a certified Tantra Teacher. Are you ready to embark on a life-changing spiritual journey?

In this article, we will give you some suggestions on how to get certified as a Tantra Instructor and we will present various options for your training. Let’s start from the beginning!

What is Tantra?

Despite its recent growth in popularity, Tantra is a philosophy that dates back thousands of years and has its roots in the Eastern world.

The term Tantra is very broad and in the Indian tradition is regarded as “text, theory, system, method, instrument, technique or practice”.

tantra is love

This vague definition left a vast blank space filled by multiple interpretations in different epochs and traditions. This is why we can only tell you what Tantra is for us.

Tantra from the Heart

At Samma Karuna, we practice and teach “Tantra from the Heart”, a beautiful technique to connect to yourself and others in a mindful and loving way.

We try to establish meaningful connections with no judgement, expectations or pressure, respecting our boundaries and other people’s.

We regard Tantra as a way to celebrate the perfection of the present moment, just as it is, without a goal to reach or a role to take on. It is our lifestyle, every moment of the day.

As there is a lot of talking about the relation between Tantra and sex, the way we see it at Samma Karuna is that Tantra can be applied to sensuality – and sexuality – to enhance the quality of our intimacy as part of a holistic approach to our wellbeing, our spiritual dimension, our being as a whole.

It is far from being a sex-oriented practice, it is a practice from our heart and our soul.

How to become a Tantra Teacher

If you have decided to become a Tantra Teacher, you have come to the right place! At Samma Karuna, we offer comprehensive Tantric Training suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

We also offer workshops and intensive courses all the way up to becoming a facilitator with our Tantra Teacher Training Course.

take the leap and get certified

Even if at this moment you are not sure whether you would like to teach after the course, a Tantra Teacher Training is an excellent opportunity to take a deep plunge into the world of Tantra and learn how to apply this ancient philosophy to your everyday life.

Tantra Training for beginners

If you have little or no experience with Tantra and you would like to discover more, we recommend you first spend some time in our school.

You can take classes, participate in activities and workshops, such as our core Mindfulness and Intimacy program which will provide you with the basics of Tantra.

You can check our workshops’ calendar and find one that suits you. After studying with us, if you grow an interest in becoming a Tantra Instructor, you can have a chat with our Tantra Training Manager. Together, you can plan your next steps in your journey to becoming a Tantra Teacher.

If you are a beginner but you have already set your mind about becoming a Tantra Teacher, you can book your spot for an upcoming Tantra Teacher Training Course.

You will get instant free lifetime access to our Awakening and Healing program, a 4-week holistic path that covers many different aspects of your well-being, including yoga, Osho’s active meditations, breathwork, social meditations, BioDevelopment, and Tantra classes.

In this case, you should allow at least one month before your Tantra Teacher Training Course to attend the Awakening and Healing program and any other tantric workshops or courses.

Volunteering at Samma Karuna

Another great option to familiarise yourself with our school and our activities – including Tantra – is to join our Volunteering program.

As a volunteer, you will get free lifetime access to our Awakening and Healing program in exchange for a few hours of work at the school.

You will be working side by side with other volunteers, students and teachers, and you will feel satisfied to give back to people from your heart, in an unconditional way.

You will be living together, working and participating in our activities as a member of the community.

It is a full immersion into Samma Karuna, its teachings and values. It is a loving environment, based on compassion and understanding rather than competition and big egos.

At the end of your volunteering period, you will be granted a 20% discount towards the Tantra Teacher Training Course.

Tantra Training for advanced practitioners

If you are familiar with Tantra, you have already taken some courses or workshops and you feel you are ready to take the Teacher Training Course you will be asked to provide at least one reference of a teacher you studied with and we would also love to have a chat with you on Skype.

We are committed to training excellent Tantra teachers who know how to hold space in delicate moments when people might feel very vulnerable or might be going through their personal process.

find a deeper connection

That’s why we really want to make sure you have some solid basis before you jump into our intensive 4-week training course.

Whichever option you choose, when you feel ready to take the next step, you can book the next available Teacher Training Course.

The structure of the Tantra Teacher Training

Our Teacher Training Course includes both theory classes (i.e. Tantric Lineages and Sutras, Mantras and Yantras, Sexual Education, Physiology of the Body. etc.) and practical sessions (BioDevelopment, Tao Bodywork, Sublimation and Transmutation of Energy, different Meditation Practices, etc.).

learn new things


We will treat different teaching techniques and explain how to structure a call; we will share marketing tips to promote your Tantra classes and integrate the training with extra topics such as Tantra and Nutrition.

Accommodation in our campus is included in the package, as well as one meal and one tea break per day.

For all details, please check the full program.

Your Tantra Teacher Certificate

Upon successfully completing the 4-week Training Course, you will receive a “Tantra Teacher in Training” certificate, recognised by Tantra Federation.

This certificate is valid for a year, during which you are required to teach a total of 100 hours* in order to convert your certificate in a permanent one. During your training, you will receive an account on the Tantra Federation’s website, with a public profile and students’ reviews.

For your certificate to be converted into a permanent one, you will need to maintain a positive review score: at least 4,0 out of 5,0. Your profile will be active and public during the whole extent of your teaching career.

We aim to create a community of ethical Tantra Instructors who adhere to Tantra Federation’s standards; this will be an open and public profile where past students can submit a review and future students will have a way to assess the quality of the teaching and feel they are in a safe space.

As we mentioned, a Tantra class or a private session can be a very sensitive and delicate moment for anyone and we want both our teachers and students to be fully aware of that. With a public feedback system, your students will feel safe to join your class or session.

*or a less amount of hours if you prepare a study or monography on a topic to be agreed upon with your teacher.

Free internship for our new Tantra Teachers

After the course, we offer our newly certified teachers a 4-week internship, during which they can practice what they have learnt in a real class.

This is an amazing opportunity to break the ice and gain some confidence in teaching while you will still be in a familiar and compassionate environment.

Your classes will be free for everyone to attend and your students will join the class knowing that you just got certified, so they will be understanding but at the same time, you can ask them to give direct feedback to know how you did and what you could improve. It is a safe, non-judgemental space for you to grow as a teacher.

It will be an intense but rewarding journey, you will step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself to discover your true essence, learn how to relate to other people in a compassionate way, find out the secrets of blissful intimacy, dance with the divine energy within you and share this beautiful gift with others.

Hope you now understand what do you need to become a certified tantra teacher.

We offer early-bird discounts if you reserve your spot at least 6 weeks before the course. Couples are welcome but a partner is not required.

Stay tuned and check our website to know more about our offers and packages. Or you can read YogaReviews’s Samma Karuna Review. You can check the upcoming Tantra TTCs below.



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