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Back to your nature: Human Design retreat

August 7, 2018 - August 11, 2018


*Advance Booking Required
BACK TO YOUR NATURE: Human Design Retreat
Living your design & Live practice (2 programs in 1)

Human design (HD) system is a practical key back to the natural state of being.
It is a journey out of the world of mind, with its worries, confusion, doubts, mistakes and misery into a life in the flow, a life of inner authority and the unique expression of self.
Human design introduces a profound understanding of us, and of the matrix we live in, through the energetic mechanical structure. It gives us the map to us. A genetic, graphic map, unique to each human being. Receiving it is like receiving our simple, true instruction manual. Imagine that.
Our own map reveals how we are wired, what moves us, how people influence us, what inner voices we should stop listening to, and which ones we should trust. But more than that, it gives us a strategy for navigating in the material plane, through correct decision making.
It’s the way out through the way in.
HD teaches us to make decisions based on our design, our individual nature. When we apply it we start to choose out of the wisdom of form, in alignment with the plan and its sacred geometry.
Instead of being automatically activated by mind’s conditioning, based on what is open and empty in us, trying to fill up, or change the uncomfortable, painful, stressful world coming in, we let go and let the Dao do its thing called LIFE. We learn to BE and to enjoy the ride.

You are invited to a special 5 day retreat with 2 programs in 1!
The retreat is composed of 2 programs: the 1st is the international Human Design awakening program LYD (Living Your Design), which is the first and basic training worldwide. Each day will start with 3 hours of LYD – the knowledge of Human Design. You will receive recordings and presentations of each class, so the knowledge is always there for you.
The 2nd program is the beautiful Immersion workshop, live practice designed by Mary Ann Winiger, one of the senior teachers in Human Design, who was a close student and friend to Ra Uru Hu, the bringer of this knowledge.
The second part of each day are 2 hours of live practice – Immersion, practicing as a group, to feel the knowledge in the body, to make it our own. Experiencing energetically together makes a huge difference in understanding Human Design and brings about a real quantum leap!
Together they make up a whole awakening program of SELF remembrance and discovery, and the initiation into a new way of being

What we learn and exercise in the retreat:
• Introduction: the system, where it came from, its components, the map, the HD experiment. Self Vs. Not self.
• Definitions: the way the energy is wired and how it moves in us, splits in the energy, and their influence on our relating.
• Aura: our energetic field, different in each type, and the relations between auras.
• The 4 types: Human Design’s 4 types of people, the aura, mechanics, strategy, signature and “not self” theme. Tips for correctness for each type.
• The 9 centers: the evolutionary story of HD. What are the energetic centers? How do they operate in us? Defined Vs. open. How can we understand and change relationship with ourselves and others through them?
• The inner authority: what is outer authority? What is inner authority? How to listen and live out of it? What are the different kinds in the map?
Human Design will tune you like a music instrument so your life can be a harmony, if you just let it. This retreat will show you how to do it. It will give you a taste, and all the tools you need to take it into your life and start living it!

About the facilitator:
Pavaka Katzir 42 years on this planet, more than 20 of them on the spiritual path. A certified LYD guide (Human Design teacher), living the knowledge and the experiment in a radical way for 5 years. Teaches and gives map readings and sessions in Israel and internationally.
Also a NIA teacher, and a certified Theta Healing master and science degree, and EMF balancing technique practitioner 1-8. Walking the path since 1999, through many teachings and methods, teaching and guiding people since 2005.
She is leading a happy, loving and harmonious family life, living the spirit on this earth and talking her walk.
Human Design rocked her world even after many years on the spiritual path, it brought about a revolution and an awakening, and refined her way of thought, being and living. Here are some of the things that happened for her:
• Her communication with herself and the world upgraded dramatically
• Her relationships went through metamorphosis
• Her love and family life took a quantum leap
• She came to learn true self love, and to be present in SELF
• She changed my business, the place she lives, the people in her life. Her life!
• She got to live what she always searched for – a life of an inner experience of accuracy, in harmony and alignment with what is, and outer expression of her true self in all its aspects.

Sounds good?
You are welcome to join this party!
7-11 August
The price for the whole retreat is 550$
LYD program alone is 450$
Immersion – live practice alone (for people who know HD, know their design) is 400$


August 7, 2018
August 11, 2018
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