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Tantra at Samma Karuna is a comprehensive class that focuses on stirring self-awareness, and spiritual development. It is about living a rich and abundant life. When you join our regular Tantra classes or Tantra Teacher Training in Thailand, you will be empowered to explore the profundity of tantra. You will also be trained on how to deeply explore the 7 chakras, understand the mysteries of your bodies and mind, and ultimately discover your secret potentials.

What is Tantra?

As opposed to general belief, Tantra is not all about sex. Of course, sacred sex is an integral part of teaching but it is only an aspect of the beautiful richness of the ideology and practice of Tantra. Tantra is a wonderful blend of sexual, physical, spiritual, and emotional awakening that draw you closer to your real self and the power of the Divine. When you register for Tantra Teacher Training in Thailand, you will learn the hidden truth of the tenets of Tantra. Our professional and friendly instructors will be there to guide you through the true theories of tantra. You will also be trained in the practical applications of the ancient traditions of tantra which you can utilize in your day to day living for complete self-transformation.

Tantra Teacher Training in Thailand with Samma Karuna is usually divided into two groups; the men’s group and the women’s group. The objective of this segregation is to have rich and complete explorations of what Tantra has to offer each gender.

Tantra Teacher Training in Thailand for Men

It involves the exploration of the principles of tantra from both the masculine and feminine point of view. Tantra Teacher Training in Thailand for men encompasses the teaching and practice of spiritual masculinity and the tantric path to sex and sexual continence for men. In addition, students will also be taken through the secret methods for awakening masculine power and virility, masculine soul archetypes, and spiritual brotherhood of men, among many others.

Tantra Teacher Training for Women

Tantra Teacher Training in Thailand for women group is a special group known as Tantra Goddess Circle. In this group, we help our students explore the principles of Tantra from the feminine point of view. As a group we discover, experience, play and learn all the wonders of the feminine gender. In our Tantra Teacher Training in Thailand, we explore femininity through the viewpoint of the Tantric tradition where the feminine (Shakti) is the express link to the divine. At Samma Karuna, we teach our students the process of awakening the inner goddess inherent in them. We also explore the mysteries of the traditional secret of Tantra making them comprehensible from a contemporary viewpoint and how to use them in everyday living.

Tantra Training at Samma Karuna

At Samma Karuna, we offer individualized training to our students. We help each of our students on their journey to self-discovery and spiritual discovery. It is all about self-awakening and how it can impact your everyday life. To learn more about Samma Karuna, click here.

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