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Free Awakening & Healing Live Festival on Donation 2020

August 8 - August 9

Virtual Event

Awakening & Healing, 2 days of live festival with whole day activities (ON DONATION).

Making Samma Karuna Awakening & Healing program®  available online everywhere and everywhere.

Experience an authentic and fun festival where you can be yourself, relax and celebrate life. The best of our teacher’s crew gathers towards a 2 days online festival for funds-rising.

Our Awakening & Healing program® program has been created for people who are called to learn to live a happier, more fulfilled and enriched life, based on principles of self-development, acceptance and celebration.

You will have an opportunity not just to participate in different classes and events but also to connect and reconnect with Samma Karuna Community.









The Program of the Festival

8th of August

Bangkok, ICT (UTC+7)London, CET (UTC+1)New York, EDT (UTC-4)ActivityDuration (minutes)
2:30pm8:30am3:30amHatha Vinyasa Yoga with Julita75
4:00pm10:00am5:00amKundalini yoga with Jewels75
5:30pm11:30am6:30amPranayama and Meditation for Stress Relief  with Amanda60
7:00pm1:00pm8:00amTibetan singing bowls chakras balancing session with Marie45
8:00pm2:00pm9:00amEmotional  Mapping with Matteo90
10:00pm4:00pm11:00 AMShakti Power Activation with Sufiana120
12:30am6:30pm1:30pmExploring connection with our guides/intuition Ajay90
3:00am9:00pm4:00pmAwareness practice in relationships: Who I am? With Ishi90
5:00am11:00pm6:00pmTantra Lathian and Universal Heart Meditations with Vibha90
7:00am01:00am8:00pmOSHO Dynamic meditation with Aravind60

9th of August

ThailandLondonNew YorkActivityDuration (minutes)
2:30pm8:30am3:30amBiodevelopment ecstatic dance with Juanma90
4:00pm10:00am5:00amReiki distance energy healing with Paula90
6:00pm12:00pm7:00amTantra: partner meditation class with Natalie90
8:00pm2:00pm9:00amMindfulness in intimacy with Bruno90
11:00pm5:00pm11:00amVinyasa flow and self-discovery with Nana90
1:00am7:00pm2:00pmTrauma Healing with Yesenia90
3:00am9:00pm4:00pmJudge your neighbor – Self-inquiry with Ishi90
5:00am11:00pm6:00pmYoga, Pranayama & Yoga Nidra with Andrea90
7:00am01:00am8:00pmOsho Kundalini with Aravind60




Dear lovelies, this Festival aims to support Samma Karuna reopening. The festival is ON DONATION.

During these months of closure due to Covid-19, the school has experienced financial losses due to booking cancellations, as well as volunteer and staff departures, plus considerable damage to our lovely campus.

A lot needs to be done and we need the help of everyone like never before so that we can reopen the school again.

There is no amount that’s too little and you can specify where you prefer the money to be spent – for example, to support someone else to access a scholarship, to support a volunteer, or to use the money to help rebuild the campus. You can donate here:


Together we can make it happen because Samma Karuna is its people and community!

By working together we can have Samma Karuna back for many years to come.

Light and love,

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga with Julita


HATHA VINYASA YOGA Class where you will join an inner journey flowing through in and out the body, the breath and the movement.

Through a gentle powerful dynamic sequence of asanas to ground and connect with the energy of love within and around you.


Kundalini yoga with Jewels

Kundalini Divine Wave of Destiny Kriya to direct your kundalini energy towards your DIVINE DESTINY

You will be guided in a systematic ancient kriya that puts you directly on a wave of energy that carries you to your Divine Destiny.

Kundalini Yoga uses kriyas and energy alchemy, mixing mudras, mantras, movements, meditation and breath-work to connect you toward a specific outcome.

Our Specific Kriya for this event:
This kriya was given to my teacher, Guru Singh directly from the Kundalini Yogi Master, Yogi Bhajan. It’s one of the most powerful kriyas I have learned. You literally ride on the energy waves to your visions. Watch them manifest!!!



Pranayama and Meditation for Stress Relief with Amanda

Pranayama and Guided Meditations to help clear, activate and open our heart centers.
Melt away stress with simple breathing techniques and guided meditation to inspire love and compassion.


Tibetan singing bowls chakras balancing session with Marie


Tibetan singing bowls chakras balancing session GOLDEN TOUCH. ⠀ The main goal of the sound healing session Golden Touch to bring your energy centers into balance. During this practice, each cell of your body will be exposed to the physical vibration of the sound waves. ⠀ The combined effect of the powerful energies of Reiki, Koh Phangan Island Crystal and Himalay Bowls helps to heal deep trauma, removing emotional and mental blocks. It can take you to deep changes in your life.


Emotional Mapping with Matteo


Emotional literacy refers to the ability to express one’s emotional state and communicate one’s feelings. A person with well-developed emotional literacy is, therefore, able to recognize and respond to the emotional states of others. This is considered a hallmark of healthy relationships.

In this workshop, we will explore simple techniques on how to navigate and communicate our emotions from a cognitive point of view.

The Major tool of this workshop will be learning to use Emotional Weal and differentiate between primary and secondary emotions.


Shakti Power Activation with Sufiana

Power of your BODY, MIND AND SOUL.

Beloved Sisters, if you’ve been longing to learn how to go to the deepest roots of your FEMININE EMPOWERMENT, we invite you on to this unique EMBODIED FEMININE EXPERIENCE to awaken YOUR SHAKTI POWER.

“An Awakening Woman is a spiritual rebellion engaged in a glowing and embodied, nothing-held-back love affair with the great mystery.
She moves in the world with fierce compassion, grace and freedom, and is passionate about truth, rest & real love.
She is fluent in angelic, diva and in Kali roars.
Earth is home and so is infinity.

Let’s do it together!”


Exploring connection with our guides/intuition Ajay


Exploring connection with our spirit animals/guides/intuition

We are multi-dimensional beings living in a magickal universe! In this class, we’ll have some fun and explore communication with these other aspects of our Selves – receiving messages, tuning into downloads, accessing healing frequencies – which can help us navigate through life with more Love and Lightness


Awareness practice in relationships: Who I am? With Ishi

This is a guided meditation and self-inquiry class.

In this workshop we will bring light to the different roles and dynamics we take in relationships and how they relate to the different archetypes in Tantra. Practical workshops will help us to understand how to bring balance and harmony in our relationship with ourselves and others.


Tantra Lathian and Universal Heart Meditations with Vibha

Latihan is an ancient Tantra method.
It is described as a meeting between you and the Cosmos:
‘It is a new birth, a rebirth. And you feel energy showering all
over you, in and out. And the dance is not only outside. When you get attuned in it, you will
feel an inner dance also. Not only that your body is dancing, inside the energy is dancing. and you feel
you are pulsating with the universe… you have found the universal rhythm.’ ~ Osho
During the class you will be shown how to practice this beautiful transformative meditation alone and with a partner.

Next we will practice together with the Universal Heart Meditation, expanding into the dimension where only Love exists.
Healing, nourishing and transforming ourselves, our relationships and the world through pure Love.
Can be practiced alone, with a partner or in a group.


OSHO Dynamic meditation with Aravind

Fill your day with a BOOST of E N E R G Y

A 5-stage, fast, intense and thorough way to break old and ingrained patterns in the bodymind that keep you imprisoned in the past. Recommended to be done in the morning, it provides an outlet for tension and withheld emotions as well as being a great energy-booster!

It aims to give you an experience of psychological freedom, an experience of the silence and peace that is hidden behind the prison walls of your personality.


Biodevelopment ecstatic dance with Juanma

BioDevelopment is a platform of self-development based on the acceptance that helps to harmonize body and mind by balancing emotions and bringing body awareness using human interactions, music and movement.

Biodevelopment is everything, love, enjoy, celebration, dance, game, empowerment, share with this amazing combination. We will travel from outside to inside, To connect with ourselves, With our essence.


Reiki distance energy healing with Paula

Online Distance Chakra Bioenergetic Energy Sessions

Tune Into The Frequency You Need

In these sessions, based on Reiki distance energy healing which activates your body’s natural healing mechanism to find and restore harmony and ease, the session is combined with an intuitive reading of your chakra energies to and the support of another powerful healing modality called Quantum Bioenergetic Feedback which works to harmonize and balance energetic imbalances using frequencies that are translated from flower essences.


1) Register for the festival
2) Send 15-second audio with their name and an affirmation you would like to bring into the session by what’s app (+66890346036), mentioning Samma Karuna Online Festival
3) Reiki session with Chakra reading is carried out by distance
4) You will receive audio of the chakra and Reiki session and the frequencies of the flower essences used
5) Follow up call for 30 mins


Tantra: partner meditation class with Natalie

Take a moment to meet each other and to melt away in your bubble.
‘meditation’ is actually a state you can reach, without making any effort.
Everyone is welcome to join, beginner or experienced. In this workshop we go in a deep connection with ourselves and the other.
The only thing you need is a place to sit/lay down and a loved one.


Mindfulness in intimacy with Bruno

This class is designed to create a healthy and satisfactory relationship with yourself and others and to enhance love and deep intimacy by understanding and managing your emotional world in a better way.

In this class, you will learn how to recognize, understand, and accept what is really going on inside of you. This will help you to learn how to deal with it in a healthy way instead of a reactive way. This workshop is about enhancing intimacy and enjoying the possibility to grow in Love and sharing it with others.


Vinyasa flow and self-discovery with Nathalie

In this class  Nathalie will share a Short meditation, talk about acceptance and a Yoga class them / Vinyāsa flow And self-discovery where we explore intuition, we romance our soul and build the warrior Heart.


Trauma Healing with Yesenia

“There is no healing without entering the dark room” is an invitation to explore how we can face our traumas and heal our wounds at our own pace. It’s an invitation to be in charge of our lives and reconsolidate with every part of ourselves. A conversation with dashes of embodiment, spirituality, psychology and psychotherapy.


Judge your neighbor – Self-inquiry with Ishi

In this workshop you will learn how to use self-inquiry, one of the most powerful techniques in modern and classic yoga to judge our stressful thoughts and what is causing us suffering and stress. A powerful yet simple technique that you can take with you whenever you go to understand better yourself and others.
“An open heart is an open mind.”― Dalai Lama XIV


Yoga, Pranayama & Yoga Nidra with Andrea

This 90 minute session will begin with a breathing pranayama, then move into a Vinyasa flow, combining standing, seated, and floor postures with sun salutations, all connected to the breath. While in savasana, for the last 30 minutes, there will be a guided Yoga Nidra experience. This is a guided meditation and exercise of the mind, which works on the level of consciousness in between wake and sleep, which has incredible energy to be tapped into.


Osho Kundalini with Aravind

Being fully immersed in the shaking and dancing of the first two stages helps to “melt” the rock-like being, wherever the energy flow has been repressed and blocked. The last two stages enable all this energy to flow vertically, to move upwards into silence. It is a highly effective way of unwinding and letting go.

“Wellness for your body.
Peace for your mind.
Harmony for your spirit.”








August 8
August 9
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Samma Karuna
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