Sammakaruna – The Best Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

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Yoga is the art of ascetic discipline for the nurturing of health and relaxation purposes, and it is currently gaining popularity in huge numbers throughout the world. With all its benefits and because it has no disadvantages, the hub of this growth seems to be Thailand. Not only are the people attracted towards practicing yoga, but teaching it as well. Its health and other benefits are the reason why yoga teacher training in Thailand is now becoming a major thing. Now, there is just the place to not only practice yoga, but master other techniques and essentially become a yoga teacher. Sammakaruna, a place with the perfect blend of teaching and scenic views to guide you to practice yoga and master it to become a teacher.

Why Sammakaruna offers the best yoga teacher training in Thailand?

Sammakaruna embraces Tantra, Yoga, Buddhist values, and modern scientific research with a lenient approach. There are no strict rules like a temple or a church, which lets Sammakaruna provide a natural layout of a unique yoga training program. This is one of the reasons why they received the award for the best yoga teacher training in Thailand. The training program is based on developing qualities like kindness, love, simplicity, and compassion. It is internationally recognized.

The intensive training program is carried out in a manner of celebration and joy, which does not over-burden the students. It also relieves them from getting overwhelmed by the learning procedure. The community here takes you in like friends and family, so you are comfortable with the learning and training procedure. There are beautiful on-site accommodations by the beach. The facilities provided present you with the opportunities to take the much-needed breaks in a serene ambiance. There is an option available here which allows you to volunteer and continue teaching here. This option is available to people who have graduated from SammaKaruna.

Yoga Teacher Training: The Layout and Requirements

The training program covers all Yoga Alliance requirements in YTTC Thailand, with an exceptional study of yoga techniques and practices. With the different types of activities going on in the 4-week program, the timetable is clearly laid out with breaks in between. The approach of the activities isn’t just learning postures but understanding the unique and wholesome approach to yoga. Moreover, physical, mental, and spiritual strength with self-discipline are the basic requirements. The program is offered in English, so applicants must be comfortable with reading, writing and communicating in English. For consideration, an online application and a deposit of $258, refundable, has to be made. Upon acceptance into the program, a deposit of $2794 is made. A 20% discount is accessible upon volunteering for a month, and vacancies are available for the upcoming sessions, so book yours.

Sammakaruna: An overview

Sammakaruna is a family-based place with an open and welcoming environment with its vast options of courses. The various programs to choose from makes it the best place for yoga teacher training in Thailand.

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